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Welcome Vincentians and Visitors

Purpose of our SVDP site:

For Vincentians this service Web Site supports our vocation to grow spirituality by seeking out and helping the poor and needy. This site facilitates:

  • Being informed of needs and reporting needs
  • Being informed of social service programs and connecting with them
  • Being connected with our Diocesan Council and other Conferences.
Which promotes:
  • Participating in activities of the Council and National SVDP
  • Learning about the history of SVDP ,
  • Sharing resources with other conferences
  • Down Loading documents relevant to current activities
Vincentian Bulletin Board

Please consider donating to the Diocesan Council Emergency Fund.

Download Fall 2015 VOICE containing a call to prepare for the National SVdP Assembly in Columbus August 30 - September 3.

Read reports of October 3, 2015 Friends of Poor Walks

Read synopsis of August 23, 2015 Day of Recollection

If you have clients who need furniture or appliances, consult our list of Furniture and Appliances currently available.

For visitors: this site is to help you

  • learn about the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, SVDP ,
  • learn how we can help you
  • learn how you can help with Vincentian works

If you are visiting because you have a need with which we might help, please contact us immediately by phone: 614-221-3554
By email contact:
Diocese SVDP Office

But also visit our "Voice of the Poor Page" for information on Catholic Social Action, "The Pantries,Stores" page to find a food pantry or thrift store in your area and the "Conferences" page to locate a St. Vincent dePaul Conference in your neighborhood.

If you have furniture or appliances to donate, consult our list of Furniture and Appliance Needs

If you wish to discuss making a donation,including old cars and trucks,
Please phone: 614-221-3554. To make a car donation directly through the National SVdP click Car Donation or Car Donations on upper left column of any page. For more information:
Diocese SVDP Office

Structure of this site

Links in the left column are to Web Sites of Vincentian organizations and other pages of this site. Links in the right column are to Web Sites of non-vincentian groups and organizations giving informations about services for the poor as well as of needs of the poor.

The "About Us" button links to the Diocesan Council's home page giving information about the organization of the council and its services. The "Events" button links to a page giving information about the four annual diocese wide events. The "Programs" button takes you to pages giving information about diocese wide SVDP programs and on-going cooperative programs amongst conferences. The "Conference" button takes you to a page with a directory of all conferences with links to contact information for conferences who choose to provide such information. There are also links to web pages for conferences who post pages on this site.

The Announcement button links to our "Announcement Page" for news and announcements of Vincentian activities. The "Voice of the Poor" button links to a page about our social action dimension with links to sources facilitating participation in Catholic Action. The "Pantries" button profiles the major Vincentian food pantries in the Diocese while the "Stores" links to a page giving information about Vincentian thrift stores and other material distribution centers in the Columbus Diocese.


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